January 2019

From handling CIS and Self Assessment to tackling tax refunds for tens of thousands of building trade clients each year, RIFT was built to lighten the load of UK construction workers. Our partnership with the Lighthouse Club charity gives us the chance to do even more. The Lighthouse Club offers vital financial, practical and emotional support for people in construction, and we’re proud to stand with them and champion their work.

Here’s a run-down of the charity’s key news and events for this month.

Lighthouse Club Christmas charity lunch and app launch
Last month’s charity lunch at the Park Plaza Hotel in London was a terrific success. Close to 1,000 guests attended the fundraising event, with a grand total of £212,000 being raised toward easing the load on over-burdened Construction Industry families across the UK.

Construction Rocks 2018 winners Change Control to Major Tom set the musical mood, with comedian Andrew Bird, tenor Martin Toal and and actor James Nesbitt providing star power and stellar entertainment.

One of the key features of the event was the introduction of the new Construction Industry Helpline app. This is a free program that offers practical help, information and guidance on a range of mental health issues affecting the building trade. As a complement to The Lighthouse Club’s existing helpline, the app covers everything from stress and anxiety to depression and even suicidal thoughts. In an industry that places such heavy physical and emotional demands on its workforce, this is a solid step toward highlighting and addressing mental health with real-world advice and assistance.

RIFT founder Jan Post, a proud supporter of The Lighthouse Club, says:

“We can't afford to keep sweeping mental health under the carpet. That means more than simply spotting the signs. Workers need to be told about the help that's on offer, and encouraged to take advantage of it. The Lighthouse Club’s helpline and new app are powerful tools, putting vital support directly into people’s hands when they need it most.”

That’s it for our monthly round-up of the latest and greatest from The Lighthouse Club. Visit http://www.lighthouseclub.org/category/events/ for upcoming events, check back here next month for more updates and learn all about the charity’s amazing work at http://www.lighthouseclub.org/.

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